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Hostel or hotel – where to stay in the city?

Seamus Fallon
Hostel czy hotel - gdzie warto nocować w mieście?

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When we visit another city we must take care of accommodation. But what will be better, hostel or hotel? Let’s find out what the differences are, and what their advantages and disadvantages.

Going on a trip to another city must take care beforehand where we will sleep. We can choose between hotels and hostels. Both options have their pros and cons.

Hotel and hostel – similarities and differences

Wondering what to choose – a hotel or a hostel – we must know the differences between these objects. Already the legal regulation itself is different. In the first of them we have a system of stars, which guarantees us certain conditions and amenities. The more they are – the more comfortable and luxurious.

Hotels guarantee us separate bathrooms by the rooms, board and many entertainments. In some we have access to the SPA or Wellness zone, and even a swimming pool. All this is associated with a much higher price. Therefore, the hostel is a cheaper option when it comes to accommodation. Often you will find dormitory rooms with shared bathroom facilities in the hallway. Rather not expect here additional attractions. The advantage of hostels, however, is that they are usually located in the very center of cities. They are most often used by young people, e.g. students.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap place to stay and do not have high expectations, a better choice will be a hostel. On the other hand, if we expect privacy and amenities – we should choose a hotel. The latter will also prove useful when traveling with a child.

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