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Modern homes in the city – projects and inspirations

Seamus Fallon
Nowoczesne domy w mieście - projekty i inspiracje

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Buying a plot of land in the city is quite a challenge. You can hardly count on large free space in the surroundings, it is also a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, we often decide on such a solution. Even a small piece of garden can enjoy every day. What project of single-storey house with garage to choose? We inspire!

Living in the city or near the city, or how to adjust the project?

Before you start planning the construction, you probably wonder whether to choose a plot in the city or outside of it. Each solution has its pros and cons, you also have to take into account your budget. Everyone has different needs and expectations from their single-family home. Some people find commuting to work inconvenient, others cannot imagine sunbathing on a terrace when their neighbors’ house is just a few metres away.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to give up a plot of land and a single-family house in an urban environment. Although the space is slightly smaller and the price higher, it has many advantages. Among them are:

  • wide access to utilities, municipal water supply, electric power line,
  • proximity to public transportation,
  • surroundings full of stores, kindergartens, schools and clinics,
  • good investment for the future.

When choosing a project, it is worth taking into account privacy and the green part of the property. This one is incredibly important, although often it is a small area. You also need to pay attention to the entrance to the house and light, that is the number and location of the windows.

Projects of small houses with a garage – ideal for the city

The first small house for living in the city has a usable area of more than 88 m2. It is estimated that its construction in developer shell is less than 200 thousand zlotys. This is an economical single-storey house with a pitched roof and a large terrace. It presents itself quite classically, so it will be a timeless solution.

This is a more modern house with large glazing. Not everyone will be able to afford such a solution as much depends on the surroundings. The terrace is quite big and the usable area is just over 50 m2 – the same as a two or three-room apartment in a block of apartments.

This type of single-storey house in a modern style looks great on a narrow plot. Long terrace provides many possibilities for arrangement. Functional layout is complemented by a garage for two cars, but you can also opt for a slightly smaller space.

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