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Photos of apartments for sale – do it yourself or commission it?

Seamus Fallon
Zdjęcia mieszkań na sprzedaż - zrobić samemu czy zlecić?

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Are you preparing to sell your apartment? Good photos are essential to attract potential buyers. Check if it is better to take them yourself or ask a professional for help.

Selling an apartment – you need to prepare!

Do you want to sell your apartment? The current situation on the real estate market is favorable, so you have a good chance! However, you can’t do without proper preparation. Experts agree on this issue. Cleaning an apartment for sale is an absolute must, but it is also worth thinking about refreshing the premises.

Repainting the walls is a great idea, it is also a good idea to opt for fashionable minimalism – you don’t need a lot of things, an apartment without a lot of things makes it seem bigger, and space is at a premium! Now that your place is clean and ready for potential sellers, it’s time to take photos of it for the internet. How to take photos so that your ad will attract attention and the phone will ring? Check it out!

Photos of apartments for sale – do it yourself or professionally?

Portals with advertisements are almost filled with offers of various apartments for sale. The person putting up the offer is faced with the question of what kind of photos of the apartment to propose in order to make an impression and attract potential buyers. After all, whether you sell your apartment or not depends largely on the photos! No one will be interested in your property if you don’t present it well online.

Whether you should take the photos yourself or ask a professional to do it for you is a dilemma, but it is definitely worth investing a little to get a better result. The choice is up to you.

How to take photos of your apartment? Advice

Decided to take photos of your apartment for sale yourself? Great! Then we have a few tips to make sure your photos don’t get lost in the crowd!

As we mentioned earlier, cleaning the apartment thoroughly and removing excess items from the frame is an absolute must. Remember to hide your personal belongings – they look bad on photos and it is better not to have them visible on the internet or when the buyer comes to see the place live.

Another mandatory point is, of course, good lighting. Evening or the middle of the day is not a good time to take photos of an apartment. Choose morning or afternoon for the session, when the light is most favorable for photos.

Remember to clean the windows to get as much sunlight into the house as possible, and if necessary, just turn on the artificial lighting. Dark photos do not look good. Details are also important. While personal items are better hidden away, placing a vase of fresh flowers on the table will be a plus. Photograph the room from the visitor’s perspective – straight on or at a slight angle.

Leave it to a professional

Don’t feel up to taking photos of your home on your own to encourage a purchase? For a fee, you can ask a professional photographer to help you. Choose someone who specializes in interior photos and who is proven. Most photographers will easily make their portfolios available, so you’ll have a chance to see if such photos are worth paying for

A session taken by a skilled professional is sure to impress clients! On advertising portals you can find advertisements of photographers who deal with real estate photo sessions. This is usually an expense of several hundred PLN.

The decision belongs to you

There is no single answer as to whether it is better to take such photos yourself or to commission one. Undoubtedly, many people are able to do a great photo shoot on their own, after which the phones will ring. If you think your photos are good, do the shoot yourself by following the guidelines

For those who are not passionate about photography or simply don’t have the time or inclination for it, you can invest in the help of a professional. It all depends on you and the budget you have available

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