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Designer armchairs – more than just a piece of furniture

Seamus Fallon
Designerskie fotele - coś więcej niż mebel

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An armchair in the interior has, of course, a resting function. However, it can be a distinctive addition, which will emphasize the selected style of decoration or add an individual character to the apartment. See which designer armchairs you should choose.

Which armchair to choose?

A designer armchair in the living room or in the bedroom is an element that strikes the eye immediately after entering the room. Of course, it is a piece of furniture, which is associated with cozy character, relaxation and the moment of relaxation in your own four corners. It is worth choosing one that is perfectly shaped to our taste. Or maybe you want to bet on a hanging or rocking model? This will make the relaxation even more successful.

If you’re wondering about color and shape, you have a lot of room for manoeuvre here. A designer armchair can be matched in color to your interior, so that it forms a cohesive whole with your other furniture. A safe choice here is gray, black or beige. But go a little wilder and choose a shade that will be a unique accent in the room, such as yellow, orange or cornflower. Models enriched with wooden or metal elements will perfectly emphasize the selected style of furnishing, e.g. Scandinavian or loft style.

Designer armchairs in the living room – inspirations

The simple and minimalist design is reminiscent of the last century, while the wooden accent adds a visual touch of lightness. This model will be perfect for cozy, warm interiors, decorated in a classic style.

This model is a bit more luxurious, and also provides incredible comfort. It will complete glamour, modern, English and French arrangements.

Yellow accent in the interior? This model will work in many arrangements. An additional footrest will ensure more pleasant rest, and the “earhook” form has been very fashionable in recent years.

This designer armchair is designed for relaxation like in a theater or cinema. Brown looks great with black.

If you want to distinguish your interior, start by looking for an armchair model, which has a unique design. This kind of furniture doesn’t just have traditional legs and soft upholstered padding. See our suggestions.

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