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How to design a child’s room?

Seamus Fallon

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Wondering how to arrange a room for your child? Contrary to appearances, it does not have to be difficult at all. We suggest how to design a children’s room. What to follow to make it both functional and stylish?

Stylistics of a children’s room

When designing and furnishing a room for a child, you should take into account that the decor should be cozy, but also affect the imagination of the child.

Often the children’s room is arranged in Scandinavian style. No wonder, because this style is characterized by minimalism, bright colors and coziness. The basis here will be the choice of appropriate colors. Although white is the most common in Scandinavian style, and also very practical, you can bet on other colors. In the children’s room will work well pastel shades, for example, blue, gray or pink. To make it nice and fashionable, it is also worth betting on earth colors, so all shades of green, beige and brown.

Functionality is important

When choosing children’s furniture, the most important issue should be its functionality. It is worth furnishing the child’s room in a practical way. A good solution will be, for example, buying a baby crib, which will serve the child for a long time. It is enough to choose a model in which the railing can be removed.

In a child’s room, there should be three most important pieces of furniture, i.e. a closet, a bed and a table/desk. The latter should be adjusted to the height of the child. Both a chair and a table have to be high enough for a child to use them freely while studying or playing. Ideally, the desk or the table should have drawers or shelves, so that the child can store textbooks, notebooks, crayons or pens in them. It is also good to make sure that the chair, apart from having the right height, has a backrest to ensure correct positioning of the child’s body.

Children’s pouffes will fit perfectly into the decor of any room. Available in various sizes and shapes, they will surely appeal to all the youngest children.

Curtains or blinds?

Curtains for children’s room should be made of delicate material and increase the impression of coziness of the room. Curtains should be matched with curtains, which will match the whole interior. Manufacturers offer a really large selection of curtains for the children’s room. They can have a pattern of favorite animals or fairy tale characters of children. This will certainly allow them to feel comfortable and at ease in the room.

For the children’s room you should choose the right roller blinds. They will allow you to ensure that too much sunlight does not get into the child’s room. Day and night blinds and fabric blinds will be a good option as they are easy to install and remove. Besides, they are practical when it comes to regulating the light that is to enter the room.

Children’s room lighting

In a child’s room, it is worth taking care of several sources of light. The most important is a chandelier or a lamp on the ceiling. Apart from it, a good desk lamp is indispensable so that the child can study, play, draw etc. The play area should also be illuminated and there should be an additional wall lamp or a table lamp by the bed. This will be useful so that the child can turn on the light when needed.

When planning the electrics in the children’s room, it is also worth remembering about the right location and the optimum number of sockets. Contacts should be secure and convenient, and light switches must be at the right height for the child to easily reach them.

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