The role of positioning in modern business
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The role of positioning in modern business

Direct sales in stationary stores seem to be giving way to the popularity of online sales, which is why the e-commerce industry is gaining interest every year, even among initially skeptical customers. SEO audit company on the left, SEO for wix providing accessible and estetic sites on the right. It isn’t even tough to come across anything containing SEO. Today we will find SEO companies everywhere. I’ve seen one New Orleans SEO company, so nothing will surprise me anymore… 

Don’t get me wrong, I hope and want to believe that New Orleans SEO company delivers services on the level compared to East Coast giants. The point is, numerous suppliers and the ability to directly compare prices between them for a chosen product, as well as fast and cheap delivery, make going to the store or service point less and less attractive for both young and old. However, in order for a store, portfolio, or catalog to meet all the assumptions of an entrepreneur, it should be well visible in the Google search engine. This is a task for positioning. To say that there is a lack of them, it would be a misunderstanding, so I am telling again, SEO audit company You will find everywhere, and we can talk about this phenomenon in superlatives, don’t you think? It’s all about increasing the comfort of living. 

What can be achieved through positioning?

Positioning is a long-term and multi-stage process which consists in meeting a number of guidelines set by the Google search engine algorithm. Robots and algorithms evaluate each website separately. The better the rating, the higher the position in the Google listing. A potentially interested Internet user, typing in a chosen keyword e.g. positioning Poznań, wants to get an answer on the visited subpage, therefore positioning consists in precise adjustment of a website to the requirements of a potential customer.

Basic assumptions of on-site SEO

Positioning is a series of SEO activities carried out in interactive agencies by the best specialists in the industry, here’s an example: SEO for WIX, you probably heard about it. All the stages have a direct influence on the effects achieved, therefore only meeting all of them ensures high effectiveness with minimum resources involved. The whole process begins in cooperation with seo audit company, guarantees complex and detailed analysis of the website. Thanks to this you can obtain a lot of important information about it, including planning an action strategy and learning about the scope of work necessary for implementation.

Then comes on-site and off-site positioning. On-site positioning consists of many different activities on the client’s website, e.g. portfolio, store or catalog. As a rule, these actions come down to modifying the source code, saturating texts with key phrases, speeding up its operation and improving UX and UI – two parameters that affect the bounce rate. The list of actions is very long and usually each agency implements them in a slightly different way. In case of off-site activities we deal with building a link base and analysis of competition and their actions.

Effectiveness of positioning and influence on business

Thanks to the positioning process you can achieve many more visits to the chosen website, and also a much better conversion, i.e. the rate of making a purchase in relation to the number of visits. As a rule, SEO actions have a much greater impact on the popularity of a website than paid media advertising. Good example is seo for wix, a platform that became so popular due to its huge user accessibility. So, it is worth using them also in case of niche websites.

And I love the New Orleans SEO company, really I do!

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  • iCEA PL 20.07.2022

    Some time ago, I let myself be persuaded and decided to use the Wix platform, along with the positioning of the site. To be more precise, I decided to use the support of specialists:, because I myself have no experience in creating and editing websites. Instead, I see that the site is nice, functional and, above all, fulfills its purpose, so I have no reservations and can recommend it to anyone!

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