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Organizing trash cans in a small apartment

Seamus Fallon
Organizujemy kosze na śmieci w małym mieszkaniu

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Segregation of waste in a small apartment is quite a challenge. So how to place waste baskets to make it convenient and practical?

Nowadays people are more aware of the necessity of waste segregation. No wonder that in almost every apartment you can find waste baskets for appropriate waste. Setting them up in a studio or small apartment is quite a challenge. We suggest how to do it.

A three- or four-chamber garbage can is a great idea

In case of a small area, the best solution will be to buy a three- or four-chamber waste garbage can. Then, we have several smaller bins connected to each other, which will fit into a cupboard where we would place one large bucket. It’s also worth considering a composter set up on the balcony, for example.

A garbage can outside the kitchen?

It is increasingly common for people with small apartments to decide to place the waste bin outside the kitchen. In this case, a place near (or under) a desk will be suitable, where you can put waste paper and garbage that will not be associated with a very pleasant smell. In turn, a small bucket for municipal waste will prove useful in the bathroom, and in the basement, garage or balcony – a garbage can for bio-waste (the previously mentioned composter will prove useful here). It is worth mentioning that modern composters are constructed in such a way that they do not emit an unpleasant smell

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