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Inspirations for furnishing an apartment with a mezzanine

Seamus Fallon
Inspiracje do urządzenia mieszkania z antresolą

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Your apartment has a mezzanine, but you do not know how to decorate beautifully? Our editors advise where to look for inspiration when decorating a loft.

Why an apartment with a mezzanine?

Designing a mezzanine is a great solution for those who want to sensibly manage a small apartment. The mezzanine is not a separate floor of the house: it is a form of open separation of a room from a given area. So it allows you to add another room, saving space and taking full advantage of the vertical space of the house.

Classic, or industrial

Industrial is a heavy and austere style, often referred to as masculine. Inspired by industrial spaces, it was created as a result of the trend of converting old factories into residential buildings. Its characteristic feature is the use of natural materials such as brick or unfinished cement in favor of the style, without the need to cover them. If you have caught the eye of the recently fashionable chandeliers composed of cables and rods, resembling more an unfinished installation than a lamp for the consumer, then they are the fruit of the very fashion inspired by the industry. It can be said that industrial style is the most honest of all popular trends in interior design – instead of trying to hide what is ugly or unfinished in it, it creates its strength from them.

This style is inextricably linked to lofts, which are open lofts designed for residential purposes. Sound familiar? It’s just one of many terms for the mezzanine. It’s because of this historical relationship between industrial style and mezzanine apartments that it fits so well into contemporary designs.

To decorate your apartment in this trend, don’t be afraid to use dark, deep colors like black or dirty brown. Industrial style shares with boho or rustic a willingness to use retro furniture, especially if it was created using reclaimed wood. Popular materials are cement, brick, metal, plastic (but only in small amounts!) or just dark, burnt wood. Instead of closed cabinets, choose open shelving, which will allow you to display books and make them decorative elements.

Mezzanine apartments are generally built with an open floor plan. If you want to visually separate two different spaces from each other, you can do so by wisely choosing colors or materials that mark the room. For example, separate the kitchen from the dining room by using cement as an accent wall where you will place the table.

Bedroom – on the mezzanine

It is accepted that the mezzanine in a small apartment is used as a sleeping space. This common procedure has its practical justification. Most mezzanines don’t have walls high enough to dedicate to rooms like the dining room or bathroom. The bedroom, on the other hand, is a specific type of space that, yes, can be used as a relaxation area combined with a study, but in mezzanine apartments, it is a space meant solely for sleeping or activities that don’t require the occupants to constantly stand.

If your mezzanine doesn’t offer much space, use it as a bedroom. Keep its appearance clean and tidy and keep unnecessary decorations to a minimum. Filling small rooms with a bunch of small decorative items tightens the available space, making the room seem more cluttered than it really is. Colors should be calm and kept in monochromatic tone. A black or grey comforter cover will look interesting.

When buying a mattress, opt for comfort and get a product that will serve you for many years. Although it is not visually an important part of your interior design, a good, comfortable mattress will allow you to appreciate the decor of your home. You can find a product that meets your needs at Match your chosen mattress with a low bed frame to visually enlarge your bedroom space.

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